The Idiocom

The Idio-com is part of a three steps invention by Jo N’Gala:

The Idio-com is a universal communication through vibrations from an Idio-drum (Idiophone-membranophone).

The Idio-drum is a combined Idiophone and membranophone made with many tuneable notes.

The Idio-drumming is methods of playing the idio-drum.


There came from Ancient Egypt a Blue Man, a mystic, a prophet, a savant. He walked among the people and brought with him a message of brotherhood and humanity which became the origin of the "Spirit of Bantu".

Bantu Blues Music means “The Community Spirit through the music”.

The Music is a gift of beautifully combining sounds together, and the Bantu Blues is a gift of beautifully combining communities together; both become entwined to make communities as a real family that communicate using the same language and sharing the same feelings.

Union Chapel 3rd July

Jo N’Gala creator of the African Anthropomorphic Idio-drum comes to Union Chapel with his Bantu Blues band & very special guest Dobet Gnahore on 3rd July

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The Music

Hear some of Jo N'gala and the Bantu Blues Band's vibratiions featuring the Idiocom.

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